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Drive out the winter chill as you warm up to your own cozy, 3D fireplace Christmas Living Screen Saver right on your desktop. Download now and relax by the crackling fire in your favorite chair with a cup of hot chocolate and feel warm right down to your toes. Hear the crackle and be entranced by the animated flames as you stoke up your desktop fireplace and send old man winter packing. Best of all it's free with no wood chopping required.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

· Aquarium Screen Saver
· Autumn Screen Saver
· Butterflies Screen Saver
· Calm Screen Saver
· Christmas Screen Saver
· Christmas Fireplace Screen Saver
· Christmas Tree Screen Saver
· Cottage Screen Saver
· Cupid Screen Saver
· Dinosaur Screen Saver
· Dolphin Screen Saver
· Fall Screen Saver
· Fish Screen Saver
· Ghost Screen Saver

· Globes Screen Saver
· Halloween Screen Saver
· Haunted House Screen Saver
· Horoscope Screen Saver
· Lake Screen Saver
· Prehistoric Screen Saver
· Santa's Workshop Screen Saver
· Scary Screen Saver
· Sharks Screen Saver
· Snow Screen Saver
· Snowy Cottage Screen Saver
· Spooky Screen Saver
· Spring Blossoms Screen Saver
· Storm Screen Saver
· Thanksgiving Screen Saver
· Turkey Screen Saver

· Universe Screen Saver
· Valentine Screen Saver
· Waterfall Screen Saver
· Whales Screen Saver

Other Stuff
· Animated Wallpaper
· Animations
· Christmas Clip Art
· Clip Art
· Computer Fonts
· Computer Wallpaper
· Desktop Themes
· Fonts
· Halloween Clipart
· Halloween Wallpaper
· Snow Globes Wallpaper
· Wallpaper

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